Kidz on the Rock (KOR)


KOR serves to spread the Good News of Christ to children and direct their hearts toward God.


That children would trust Christ, grow strong in God’s love, and be made complete with the power that comes from God. Ephesians 3:17-19


We believe the home is where the decision to follow Christ and live a God-centered life is most likely to take place, and that parents are responsible for the spiritual development of their children. Our programs are designed to help, strengthen, confirm and reinforce what parents are teaching. Our aim is to partner with parents to ignite and nurture the faith of their children.

Ministry to the children is important, because children are being shaped and molded by many factors. We want to do our part to shape and mold them into faithful followers of Christ who love the Bible, affirm it’s worth, and grow in their abilities to understand, express and defend it’s teachings.

Ministering to our children is important to us
See our 2018 KOR Curriculum & Resources below!

Please click on the links below for the respective curriculum for weekend of January 20th & 21st:

Nursery and Toddler 1

Toddler 2 and Preschool 3

Preschool 4/5 and Kindergarten

Voyagers (1st -3rd Grades) and Navigators (4th-5th Grades)